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There's a lot of trust that goes into hiring a property management company. We're here to help make rental ownership easy for all of our owners so you don't have to worry. 


Marketing may just be the most important deciding factors when picking a property management company. Effective marketing can help you avoid vacancy and have a tenant paying market-value rent. To achieve this, we market on all of the most popular websites (Zillow, local MLS', and Facebook just to name a few). But that's not enough for us. We even maintain a mailing list of hundreds of local agents, tenants (both past and present) to directly market your property to even more people. ​


Something will break in a home. It's an unfortunate fact that any homeowner will have to face. We understand that it's hard to make sure you're getting the best rate from contractors. That's why we partner with multiple of the best contractors in the area to make sure you're always getting the best rate. Everything from simple pest control, to a full roof replacement. You can rest easy knowing you're paying the best value for the work you receive. Even better, we handle all coordinating, scheduling, and payment for you.​


As a private landlord, you have to put a lot of trust into your tenants. It's hard for private landlords to properly vet prospects. Asking the right questions, running the proper background checks, it all takes time. Our office does all of this for you. We run a nationwide credit, criminal, rental, and eviction history background check. We also conduct rental verification with their current landlord and income verification with their work. Better yet, we partnered with Experian & Appfolio's service "RentBureau" to report monthly rent payments (and late payments) directly to credit agencies. 


We know you have a busy life, and you don't always have time to meet a tenant to collect rent, or go to the bank to deposit their payment. As well, tenants are busy too, they may forget to deposit a check, causing you tons of headache. That's why we accept not just checks and money orders, but also online payments. Letting them pay wherever they are. We send you the funds via direct deposit so they show up in your account, no bank runs required. We even include that months income/expense report for your records.


It's hard to get an idea of the condition of your property with most property management companies. Some may even go a year without seeing how your property looks! Our office conducts multiple evaluations during a tenancy. Initial Evaluations when you sign up, Pre-Move-In Evaluations, a Move-In Evaluation, Renewal Evaluations, Pre-Marketing Evaluations, Move-Out Evaluations, scheduled Exterior Evaluations, and Interior Evaluations. We can even do more if you want to be VERY certain your property is properly taken care of. 


At the end of the day, renting out your home is an investment. We want to show you how your property is doing on a consistent basis so you can plan for your future. We provide monthly income/expense reports, yearly statements, and are happy to help with any big financial decisions you are thinking about. Our connections with a premier Realty Group gives us invaluable experience in helping you purchase or sell property. And not just homes, but commercial spaces and centers as well. 

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