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Each adult over 18 is to fill out a SEPARATE online application. Anyone 18 and over that will be living on the property is considered an applicant, and needs to fill out an application. Please let us know if only certain adults will be financial responsible on the lease. For minors, we only require their names and date of birth.

  1. Copy of each adult’s photo ID (state/federal issued ID)

  2. Each adult applicant will need to provide us with an email address, so that an online application can be sent to them. The application includes approving the background check.

  3. $60 PER Adult (Non-Refundable application fee)

    1. Please note that the application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and DOES NOT GUARANTEE APPROVAL. The fee covers the administrative cost to offset the screening, contract license fees for GAR, time and effort to interview references.


Proof of Income:

  1. In general, we require that net monthly income to equal 3 x the rental rate of the home and that all forms of income must be verifiable.

  2. Required documents:

    1. If you are employed, last 60 days of consecutive pay stubs (showing YTD amount)

    2. If you are self-employed, most recent signed tax return AND bank statements for the previous 2 months

    3. If you are moving/relocating to the area for a new job, please send a copy of employment/transfer offer letters on company letter head with salary AND bank statements for the previous 2 months

    4. Any other proof of income must be verifiable (i.e. sale of home on FMLS, etc.)


Employment Verification:

  1. Some employers use a third-party company to verify your proof of employment and thus a fee. Any fees required by third-party companies will be applicant’s responsibility.


Credit History:

  1. Poor credit will not necessarily disqualify you from renting, but a higher security deposit and/or co-signer may be required. If you are aware of any negative reports on your credit history, we advise you provide an explanation with your application for consideration. This will help expedite your application.



  1. All pets/animals are subject to approval and discretion of the Homeowner. While most of the Homeowners do not allow for pets, an exception may be made if you have a strong application. A pet photo, breed, and weight must be submitted with your application. Failure to report all pets/animals/service animals may result in TERMINATION of the lease and a pet fee.

  2. Service animal(s): documentation on service animal including signed letter from physicians regarding the service animal’s purpose/duties.


**Please note that all supporting documents must be received in order to be considered. Any application missing all the required documents will be considered INCOMPLETE and REJECTED. Any misstatements or omissions made on your application may be grounds for DENIAL or TERMINATION of the lease. If information given on the application CANNOT BE VERIFIED, it may be DENIED.**


Once you have submitted all required documents, our team will be able to begin the formal screening. We will only review completed application(s) with the team. Please note that you will be granting us permission to contact your previous/current employer and listed references. We may need to ask you additional you are also questions during this review. If there are any delays in verifying your application (i.e. getting in touch with your previous landlord reference), it may take the team longer to complete the review.


Once the team has completed a complete review of your application, we will promptly inform you of our decision within five (5) business days, sooner if possible.

If you are approved, we will send you written approval with your new lease terms including required fees such as security deposit amount (based on your credit review), the rent amount, and/or any additional fees. If you cannot take occupancy within fourteen (14) days of availability, you will be required to pay a Property Reservation Fee equal to half a month’s rent, which can be applied to first month’s rent.

Of you are denied, we will issue an Adverse Action Letter to notify you of the reason for denial. Per Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you have the right to a copy of your screening report. If you like a copy of your screening report, please let us know.


During this stage, we will prepare your final lease and any exhibits (no additional revisions allowed after this point). If you are working with a licensed real estate agent, they must have a valid & active license and you must include that in your application. Once you have received the lease, you have forty-eight (48) hours to sign.

Attention Agents: We will need your real estate license number, and a completed & signed W-9 from your brokerage for any commissions.

If you are in the process of reviewing a lease, please DO NOT SIGN, unless you fully understand the terms of the agreement. We encourage you to take your time, review the lease, ask us questions, BEFORE SIGNING. Signing is a legal binding contract and we want to make sure YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH THE TERMS.


Once we have received a fully executed signed lease from all parties, you have forty-eight (48) hours to pay the Property Reservation Fee equal to first full month’s rent. Only cashier’s checks from the bank or money orders are accepted forms of payment for this first payment. Once we confirm receipt of payment, we will remove the rental off the market. If the lease agreement is signed, but the funds have not been received in the forty-eight (48)-hour window, the agreement is considered expired. The rental is then returned to the market for other prospecting applicants, and all fees forfeited. If lease is signed and funds have been received, you are now bound to the lease agreement. Even if you change your mind or can no longer occupy the unit, you are subject to the terms and conditions of the lease agreement including early termination policy.


Disclaimers/Please note:

  • Selection is NOT based on “first come, first serve” basis. Multiple applications are often received for the same rental. Since our property management company legally represents the Home Owner of the property, we will process all approved applications based on the criteria we deem most beneficial to the Owner. In the instance you have an approved application, but lose a property to a more beneficial application, we will gladly transfer your application to another rental home we manage. Your approved application is good for approximately thirty (30) days.

  • If approved, the tenant must provide Renter’s Insurance for the duration of the lease. Please provide proof in order for us to turn the keys over to you.

  • Due to the volume of inquiries we receive, please be patient and allow our staff 24-48 hours to respond.

  • If you have a credit freeze on your credit report account, it is your responsibility to contact the credit bureau to lift the freeze. If we run the credit report as unsuccessful the first time, you will be responsible for the fees associated with running another credit report.

  • The screening software we use, Appfolio, uses FICO 2 score, which is widely used in the rental, mortgage, and finance industries. A FICO 2 is calculated on a different algorithm to most consumer-facing scores (e.g., those provided by,, and weights behaviors in a consumer’s credit file differently. Due to this, a consumer-facing credit score will often be higher than a FICO 2.

  • Effective March 29, 2019, all AppFolio credit pulls are a soft inquiry. Screens run prior to March 29, 2019, are a hard inquiry.

  • If dispute anything on your credit report, you may contact to file a formal dispute.

  • Per Appfolio, their screening report is nationwide. The nationwide criminal scans are pulled from hundreds of national, state and county courts that contribute to the national instant database, including Megan's Law registered Sex Offender check and OFAC terrorist watch list. Results will vary according to restrictions placed on reporting by the different court jurisdictions and will include the last 7 years. Details can include name, date of birth, date of the offense, description of the offense, court location and case status.

Last Updated: 5/23/2019


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